Visual Mold Inspection

A visual mold inspection will be performed by our qualified inspectors

Indoor Air Quality

Does anyone in your family suffer from allergies, asthma, sinus issues or other breathing disorders? The air quality in your home could be a contributing factor. Even people who don’t suffer from these complications can be affected by poor air quality. Get an air quality test to identify molds and allergens present in the home. We will collect indoor and outdoor air samples and send them to a laboratory for professional analysis.

Mold Evaluation Inspection

Many home inspection companies do not test for any microbial growth because they are not trained or certified. We are interNACHI certified for surface mold/mildew evaluation and collecting Bio-swab and Bio-tape samples for lab analysis.

Thermal Imaging

Using the most technologically advanced tools available, we are able to detect many hidden moisture problems, lack of insulation and  areas throughout a home that have overheating or malfunctioning electrical components, which pose a potential danger to your household.

Water Quality Testing

We will collect water samples and test well water and public water supply. Our test will identify 10 contaminants including copper, iron, and lead etc. Before moving into your new home, know exactly what is in your water.

Energy Score
Your home may be losing energy and you may not even know it. We will collect several points of data and be able to show you where you may be losing money in energy costs and then give you suggestions on how to correct the issues and save money.

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